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Online Work Time Recording - News

Hints for user roles

In the list view of the user menu the user roles only appear as abbreviations due to lack of space. Now in case of doubt a note with the full role name explains the abbreviation: Simply position the mouse pointer over the shortcut ... Hints User Roles

Reworked holiday view

The holiday list is now displayed ordered by the year. To display the old view with all holidays at once just select "All" in the year selection.

Improved iCal Import

The import of time data from calendar data in iCalendar format has been improved: Entries with all the day events often does not contain useful data for the working time import and can be excluded from the import optionally now.

Individual heading line

So far the company name has been used for the heading at the top of time tracking invariably. Now the heading line is adjustable at will in the settings.

Exception list for working time models

Working time models provide, for example, the planned working time for a weekday. Now exceptions can be entered for individual calendar days - so that the target time differ from of the planned working time of the time model for this particular day. Examples of applications are erratic variance from the time model for a day or a short period of time for which the creation of a new time model is not worthwhile.

Entitlement to holiday

Now the work time recording also manages vacation days. The leave entitlement can be set individually for each user. Paid out leave is also considered. The taken leave, remaining leave, etc. is shown for example in the month view of the timesheet. The administration of leave entitlement is turned off by default and can be turned on in the settings.

Improved preset for new time entries

The suggested values for new time entries has been improved: For the consecutive input of timestamps appropriate time values have already been suggested so far. Now also for time entries that are created on the job, matching start and end times are suggested.

By the way: The time tracking system enables the input of "abbreviated" time entries, such as 237 instead of 2:37PM or 10p for 10:00PM - in the AM/PM time format (or 1037 for 10:37 and 14 for 14:00 if you use the 24-hour time format).

Custom periods for statistics

Statistics could be displayed monthly or yearly up to now. Now arbitrary periods can be specified for all statistical evaluations. In particular, this applies to user statistics, customer statistics, project statistics and the summary statistic of all recorded time entries.

SEPA migration

On 1st of February the introduction of SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) takes place. Please notice that inland transfers then are only possible by IBAN: Our invoices and forms have been adapted accordingly. For our customers from abroad not much will change: You can - as already before - transfer by BIC and IBAN. In a SEPA transfer just a single payment information may be disclosed to the recipient. Please use (as well as indicated on the invoice) the invoice number for that - Many thanks!

Improving statistics

Some statistics, for example the project statistics, has lacked an overview of the time types (working hours, comp time, etc.). These have been added and the time types are displayed in all statistics now. By the way, we have also improved the display of the statistics for smartphones and tablets: Any individual statistic can be hidden or shown and the display adapts better to smaller screens now. Project statistic: Timetype

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