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Online Time Card - News

Import of public holidays

Now holidays can be imported by a file. Click "import public holidays" on the public holiday list and then specify a file in iCalendar format. Always all entries in the specified file are treated as holidays. The iCalendar format is a common format, and is used, for example, by Google Calendar and Apple iCal.

Carryover hour balance

When you create the first timestamp for a month, a dialogue for carry over the hour balance from the previous month is displayed now. So the carryover can no longer be forgotten. The dialog is displayed only for users with a time model. The display can be switched off permanently with the "Do not show again"-checkbox. Carryover hours balance

Settings: Manage leave entitlement

The option "Manage leave entitlement" has been removed from the settings. The leave management is now turned on by default. The leave entitlement can be set for each user in the users menu as before. The taken leave, remaining leave, etc. is shown for example in the month view of the timesheet as usual, too.

Display of current costs

The current cost of Goodtime is now displayed continuously: by clicking on the header of the application on your company name, and then switch to the tab "invoices". This cost information is given for guidance on the currently open costs. As usual you will receive a detailed breakdown by month and number of users on the invoice (annually and after the fact).

Interface for Time Clocks

The online time card now offers a simple technical interface for clock in and clock out, which can be used for connecting time clocks for example. This new feature is disabled by default and needs to be enabled in the settings of the timekeeping (tab 'Security').

The interface is implemented as a web service. Please contact the support to get a technical description (e.g. for software developers).

Improved view for mobile devices

The view for mobile devices has been improved in the section for time stamps. Time entries can now be created or modified more easily with devices without a keyboard such as smartphones or tablets.

If you need to switch back with your smartphone or tablet to the conventional view, then click Settings (cogwheel top right) in the header of the Online Time Card and then click "Mobile view".

Improved view for mobile devices - Screenshot

Search Project List

Now the project list (in the Administration section) can be searched by project name.

Tip: To enable the search for projects in the project selection for time entries as well, please click in the settings "Selection for large number of projects" (tab "View"). This optimized project selection is recommended when the user selects from a large number of projects. (Recommended for 100 projects or more per user).

'Collect in one Excel Workbook'

The exported time card data can now be collected into a single Excel workbook for several employees with the option 'collected in one Excel workbook'. The previous variant - to store the Excel sheets with the according time records of the employees in one zip file - is still possible. For exports over a year, the new option is not available. Export Online Time Card - Collect in one Excel workbook

New import option

Comments for time entries can now be added optionally for the import of time data in the iCalendar format.

The iCalendar format is used, among others, by Apple's Calendar (iCal) and Google Calendar.

New VAT Rates

The regulation of VAT on electronic services within the EU is changing: For customers outside Austria and within the EU the VAT rate for the country of origin of the customer will be charged now.

Customers with a valid VAT identification number (VAT-ID, often Tax ID) continue to receive an invoice without VAT.

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