Online Time Tracking News 2010

New user roles

For better control of authorizations for the online time tracking system additional user roles are available now. There are now four different roles for managing users, time entries, projects and settings. Existing "superusers" were automatically assigned all four roles and thus they have the same rights as before.

Improved layout

Navigation with tabs is now available for better usability. The - already very tidy - navigation of the online time tracking has hardly been changed, so that even long-time users should find it easy to switch to the new tabs.

PDF export

The working time data can now also be downloaded as a PDF document. The PDF format is suitable for printing or archiving. As with the Excel export, the time stamps can be exported either for a month or for the whole year. Time sheets from multiple employees are combined in a ZIP file. If you are missing an export format, we look forward to your suggestion!

Easier login

The login to the online time tracking system became even easier: So far, the user name, password and company ID were required to logon to the time keeping system. The company ID will no longer be required and the user's email address is used instead of the username. So E-mail address and password are now sufficient for the login.

Better support for international time formats

International time and date formats are now universally supported.

Time clock in menu page

The time clock is now integrated directly into the menu page. For users who mainly use the timekeeping for clocking in and out, this routine activity should now be easier to do.

Admin now has its own time entries

Previously, the admin account was only intended for administrative purposes. However, many users could not get used to this concept. So now the administrator has his own time entries.

Improved export

The export of working hour data has been improved and summarized in a separate menu item. Several staff members can now be exported at once and annual overviews are also generated which contain the entire annual working time of a user. The monthly working hours can be stored as individual Excel sheets in an Excel folder together with the additional annual summary. See the help page for more information on exporting.

Individual time categories

It is now possible to adapt time categories to individual needs: The label and other properties such as accounting by the hour or by the day or whether the time type belongs to working hours can now be configured.

Project management

We've added project management features to time tracking. So assigning projects to working hours is now possible. The project tracking is available optionally and can be hidden completely in the settings.

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