Settings of the Online Time and Attendance System - View

Settings of the Online Time and Attendance System - View

In the View tab, you can customize the appearance and functionality of the online time and attendance system.

Time and attendance settings view

1 Enable comments for time stamps

If this box is checked, each time entry has an additional entry field for entering a commentary on the time entry.

2 Enable business ratios for time stamps

If this box is checked, one or more business ratios (for example, travel costs or expendable materials) can be attached to a time stamp. If business ratios are used, the types of business ratio can be customized in the menu business ratio types. See also Configurable business ratios.

3 View time clock

You can suppress the display of the time clock. Time entries can be created and changed then only by the time sheet. Please note that each user therefore needs the permission 'Permit to edit own time entries'.

4 Time clock tolerance ... +/- minutes

Here you can specify how many minutes the 'punching time' of the time clock can be shifted by the employee. This is for example useful for considering some travel time, or to allow your employees to adjust the working time to a 'round lot'. If this field is set to '0' then no time correction is possible at 'punch in' and 'punch out' and the exact real time is used.

5 Enable projects

If this check box is ticked, then a project can be assigned to each single time entry. As long as this option is not checked all project-related display elements are hidden. See also: Create a new project.

6 Enable clients for projects

If you want to display the corresponding customer (client) for your projects, please check this box. All client-related display elements remain hidden without this option.

7 Selection for large number of projects

Usually the selection of projects is done by using a standard drop down list. For an increasing number of projects, the selection from this list becomes more and more tedious. To avoid this a customized selection of projects is provided, which is optimized for the selection of many projects. This option is displayed only if a certain number of projects is reached.

8, 9 Show attendance list...

Here you can set whether the attendance list is displayed only for the admin and timesheet manager, for all users, or not at all.