FAQ for Goodtime online time tracking system

FAQ for Goodtime online time tracking system

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How does testing of Goodtime work?

Here you can apply for a test account. The online time tracking is available in the specified test period with full functionality without limitations. Testing is free and without any obligation. After the trial period your time tracing account simply expires. There is no termination necessary. We are of course happy, if you like Goodtime and decide for the paid version after testing. Please understand that the trial version can only be applied once.

Will the test data be taken over to the paid version?

All data and settings of the test account will be taken over - thus all existing data will be conserved. You can continue to work seamlessly with the paid version.

Can I use the time tracking system as a time clock?

To use the time tracking as a substitute for a time clock, there is a time clock for 'punch in' and 'punch out' on the main page for each user. If it is not desirable that a user can edit his time stamps, please uncheck the field Permit to edit own time entries in the Roles and Permissions in the users menu. The user then can view his punched time stamps on the labor time list, but can not edit it subsequently or add additional entries. If desired, the access to the time tracking system can be restricted on the company's own computer. Goodtime is as safe and reliable as a conventional time clock.

How are the costs calculated?

The costs for Goodtime timekeeping and project tracking are calculated per user per month. The number of users is calculated separately for each month. The date of counting the number of active users is chosen randomly on any day in the month from organizational and technical reasons. So you never pay more than the respective maximum number of users for a particular month.

In the user view you can set a user from status active to the status closed, e.g. if the user does not use the time recording for a longer period of time or leaves the company. "Closed" users are not passed to account.

The first month will not be charged if the time tracking account is created after the 1th of this month. So if you create an account after the 1th of the month, the remaining first month is for free for you. The last month is always charged.

How can I pay?

Within the European Union, you can pay by bank transfer. Outside the European Union you have to pay by credit card through PayPal. You will receive an invoice electronically.

When do I get an invoice?

Payment is made annually on account. Thus you will get the first invoice after one year or on the date of cancellation.

What VAT rate is used?

For business customers within the EU and for countries outside the EU, the Austrian VAT rate is applied.
If you announce your valid VAT identification number (VAT ID, often tax ID), we will gladly issue an invoice without VAT or sales tax.

Taxable business customers from Switzerland will receive an invoice without VAT.

For electronically delivered services for non-business-customers within the EU the value-added tax rate of the customer's country of origin is applied. Thus, for private customers within the EU, the value-added tax applicable for the country of origin of the customer is used. See gross price list for private customers within the EU.

Is Goodtime GDPR compliant?

Goodtime time tracking complies with the GDPR in all respects.

Is my data secure?

The transfer of your data is encrypted via HTTPS. It is processed by a reliable and modern enterprise software and stored on redundant hardware. We respect your right to privacy and of course we never give your data to third parties. For more information, see the privacy policy of Goodtime online time tracking.

Is Goodtime suitable for my company size?

Goodtime is suitable for small and medium-sized companies. Both one-man businesses and medium-sized companies with 250 employees use Goodtime successfully.

How can I take my overtime hours along when switching to Goodtime?

Existing overtime hours can be entered in the time sheet as monthly carryover: In the month view of the time sheet in the sum section click on Add carryover or change the existing Carry over last month ... edit.

How can I pay out overtime?

Paid out overtime can be recorded with a separate time category:

Administration -> Time categories ->  New time category :

Label: paid out overtime
Input type: by the HOUR
Sum type: - subtract

Then simply insert the disbursed overtime with this time category in a free area of the timesheet.

What are "closed" users?

When users are deleted, all the employee's time entries are also deleted. This is undesirable in most cases. Instead, we recommend setting the employee to User status: closed instead. He then behaves as if he had been deleted and the user's time entries are still available (e.g. in the statistics). Closed employees will not be charged. The employee can be changed back to the user status active at any time:

Adminstration -> Users -> Select User to Modify -> User status ...

How can I cancel the online time tracking?

You can easily cancel online unbureaucratically: Log in as Admin in the online time tracking. Then click Settings (small gear top right) and on Goodtime Account. And then click Unsubscribe from Goodtime ...

Termination: You can give notice at any time. After cancellation the service runs off at the end of the month. So if you would cancel now - the time tracking service would expire at the end of this month.

What happens to the working hour data after the termination?

The data are still available 'read-only'. You can view and export the created working time data even after the termination. Five years after the termination, the data will be deleted without further notice. Please export your working time data in time if you need them for more than five years! If you wish a complete deletion of the data earlier, we will of course do this for you any time.

Is there an app for smartphones?

For smartphones there is an Android app and an app for Apple iOS. Both applications are called "Goodtime Mobile". Alternatively, you can also use the Goodtime timekeeping on all mobile devices with the browser.

Gross prices for private customers within the EU

Country Net Price (per user per month) VAT Rate Gross Price (per user per month)
Belgium 1.49 € 21% 1.80 €
Bulgaria 1.49 € 20% 1.79 €
Croatia 1.49 € 19% 1.77 €
Cyprus 1.49 € 25% 1.86 €
Czech Republic 1.49 € 20% 1.79 €
Denmark 1.49 € 24% 1.85 €
Estonia 1.49 € 20% 1.79 €
Finland 1.49 € 24% 1.85 €
France 1.49 € 23% 1.83 €
Germany 1.49 € 22% 1.82 €
Greece 1.49 € 25% 1.86 €
Hungary 1.49 € 21% 1.80 €
Ireland 1.49 € 21% 1.80 €
Italy 1.49 € 17% 1.74 €
Latvia 1.49 € 18% 1.76 €
Lithuania 1.49 € 21% 1.80 €
Luxembourg 1.49 € 23% 1.83 €
Malta 1.49 € 23% 1.83 €
Netherlands 1.49 € 19% 1.77 €
Poland 1.49 € 25% 1.86 €
Portugal 1.49 € 22% 1.82 €
Romania 1.49 € 20% 1.79 €
Slovak Republic 1.49 € 21% 1.80 €
Slovenia 1.49 € 21% 1.80 €
Spain 1.49 € 27% 1.89 €
Sweden 1.49 € 19% 1.77 €