Terms and Conditions


1. Scope

1.1 These terms and conditions apply to the use of Goodtime Time Recording. For the use of the Goodtime service a valid user account with appropriately configured user-data is assumed.

2. User registration

2.1 People can sign up for Goodtime if they are over 18 years. People under 18 years need to notify the consent of their guardians.

2.2 By performing the application for Goodtime you accept this terms and conditions.

3. Privacy Policy

3.1 Goodtime respects the privacy of its users. Personal data of user are treated confidential and are only handed on to third third-party if the user grants a permit.

3.2 Goodtime points out that personal information of its users are processed electronically.

4. Subject matter

4.1 All services, which are called 'free' or are declared as 'free' and all services of so-called 'Test' or 'Trial' accounts are not subject to the due performance and Goodtime may terminated this service at any time either in full or in parts.

4.2 Goodtime reserves the right to send information about Goodtime benefits and services to the designated email account of the user.

4.3 All services, which called 'free' or declared as 'free' and all the benefits of so-called 'Test' or 'Trail' accounts is intended for personal use or testing purposes. However, should the users of these services use it for commercial use or for business, you do this at your own risk.

4.3 All services, which called 'free' or declared as 'free' and all the benefits of so-called 'Test' or 'Trail' accounts can be applied only once. Goodtime reserves the right to stop this service rigorous and clear the accumulated user data if such services are tried to be used more then once.

5. Observance of copyright

5.1 Only such contents and statements may be published or sent or transmitted by the user, for which the user holds the necessary rights (especially copyright protection and trade).

5.2 The time tracking service and associated services of Goodtime are protected by law against duplication and misuse. The unauthorized reproduction, distribution or publication of these services or their content will be prosecuted.

6. Rights and obligations of the user / Withdrawal

6.1 Each user bears full responsibility for its activities under the Goodtime service and related services. In addition, each user has to comply with the law, especially he must not violate the existing law of the Republic of Austria. In particular, each user has to comply with child protection legislation. This implies that the Goodtime service and its associated services may not be used for illegal purposes. It is especially forbidden to publish, forward or distribute content and / or comments that are unlawful, in particular, abusive, violent, discriminatory, or pornographic content. This includes content that is accessible by the user placed links.

6.2 In addition, the use of objectionable content, ambiguous terms and other illustrations is prohibited.

6.3 User activities that are designed to perturb, hinder or hamper the services of Goodtime are prohibited. This includes, in particular those that can affect the physical and logical structure of the Goodtime service or a related service. Prohibited are also measures or activities which can hinder or disturb the maintenance or the review of the security of Goodtime. This includes, for example, portscans or monitoring activities.

6.4 The User agrees to indemnify any disadvantages in case of abusing a Goodtime user account. All third-party claims against Goodtime for the services provided to the user are asserted.

6.5 The user is obliged to protect its user account to the unauthorized use by third parties. The user is obliged to maintain confidentiality of his password. The user is liable for any unauthorized use of his account, made possible by his behavior. The user has to notify Goodtime immediately if he has a reason to suspect a misuse of his account.

6.6 The user agrees to use a valid email address for the account by which he can be contacted via email. For Accounts with payment obligation specifying the postal address of the user is necessary. Accounts (and all contained data) with invalid email addresses or missing or incorrect postal address information can be deleted without notice or notification.

6.7 For each actual user of Goodtime a separate user account with an own email address must be used. Multiple use of one user account or one email address for several users is not allowed.

6.8 Goodtime is intended to be used only by persons via an Internet browser or an interface explicitly provided by Goodtime and specially marked by Goodtime as such. All other ways of accessing Goodtime are not allowed. The non-permitted methods include, for example, the electronic readout of the content of the screen or the automated or electronically input or output of data.

7. Rights and obligations of Goodtime

7.1 In case the user is breaching this terms and conditions, or the reasonable suspicion of the violation of the terms and conditions by the user, Goodtime has the right to exclude the respective user, to lock his account and delete the users content immediately. Goodtime will send the user a warning before exclusion, unless the breach is so serious that to continue the contractual relationship is no longer reasonable.

7.2 The owner of a Goodtime time recording account is responsible for compliance with the terms and conditions by all of his user / employees. The violation of a user against the terms and conditions can lead to the immediate exclusion of all users of this Goodtime account.

7.3 Goodtime shall be entitled to clear a users registration and remove all his data in case of violations against this terms and conditions or suspicion of such.

7.4 Goodtime has the right to modify the time tracking service, and its additional services, and the terms and conditions. Goodtime will alert the user to this in an appropriate manner.

8. Termination / cessation of services

8.1 Both Goodtime and the user may terminate the user relationship by a notice without giving reasons, provided that there are no other individually appointments to that issue: Paid versions can be terminated with one months notice periode to the end of the month. All services, which as a called 'free' or declared as 'free' and all services of so-called 'Test' or 'Trial' accounts can be terminated at any time without giving reasons.

8.2 The user can terminate the service up to four weeks after he receipt the information of the change of the terms and conditions of the Services. If the user does not terminate within four weeks, he will accept the changed conditions.

8.3 Goodtime also has the right to terminate the user account and delete the appropriate data of the user, if the user does not use his account for longer than six months. Goodtime will inform the user about this by email in advance.

8.4 Goodtime makes the working time data available 'read-only' after the termination. Currently, the deadline until the data is deleted is five years after termination. This period can be changed by Goodtime without prior notice. After the termination, the data will be deleted in principle without prior notification.

9. Warranty

9.1 Goodtime does not guarantee that the time tracking service, and the related services are always available and accurate. This is especially true if access to the service of Goodtime is disturbed from outside the sphere of Goodtime. Goodtime will give no particular guarantee that sent data is stored and made available in the case of failing communication outside the server of Goodtime.

10. Liability

10.1 In the event of slight negligence, liability of Goodtime and / or its agents and authorized representatives for financial losses in respect of indirect damage, in particular consequential loss, damage or untypical damages as well as unforeseen loss of earnings is excluded.

10.2 A statutory liability of Goodtime - in particular liability under product liability law and a statutory guarantee - remains unaffected by the foregoing limitations of liability. The same applies to the liability of Goodtime for culpable violation of life, body or health of a user.

11. Payment Options

11.1 Bank transfer is possible in countries within the European monetary union or after prior agreement. The payment via PayPal or via credit card through PayPal is always possible. Usually payment is done annually and on account. Goodtime reserves the right, in exceptional cases, to do the accounting monthly.

12. Price Adjustment

12.1 We are entitled to adjust the contractually agreed price if there are changes of at least 3% with regard to (a) the wage costs by law, regulation, collective agreement, company agreements or (b) other cost factors necessary for the provision of services such as material costs based on recommendations of the joint commissions or changes in national or world market prices for raw materials, changes in relevant exchange rates, etc. have occurred since the conclusion of the contract. The agreed prices respectively the monetary value will be guaranteed according to the consumer price index published by Statistics Austria. However, the adjustment is made at least to the extent that the actual production costs at the time the contract is concluded change compared to those at the time the service is actually performed.

13. Place of Jurisdiction

13.1 The place of jurisdiction shall be Linz, Austria.

14. Final Provisions

14.1 The law of the Republic of Austria applies. The application of the CISG is excluded.

14.2 By this contract, or the use of Goodtime or any of the additional services no joint-venture partnership, employment, or agency relationship between Goodtime and the user takes place.

15. Severability clause

15.1 Should individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions be or become invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

16. German Version

16.1 This paper is a translation of the german version of the terms of use at https://getgoodtime.com/de/Nutzungsbedingungen.html. The german version of the terms and conditions is the authentic paper and this is a translation for better information only.

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