5 Tips and tricks for Goodtime staff work time tracking

These tricks and tricks are very helpful with Goodtime.

Enter the time quickly Enter the time quickly

Time data can be entered in abbreviated form without leading zeros and without a colon. For example, entering 915 is automatically converted to 09:15.

Operation with the keyboard Operation with the keyboard

The operation of the staff work time tracking with the keyboard can vary depending on the operating system and browser. However, these tips usually work:

The TAB key takes you from one field or button to the next. With SHIFT TAB you jump back to the previous field.

Avoid submitting a form with the ENTER key. Instead, proceed as follows: Use the TAB key to jump to the "Submit" button and then press the space bar.

Drop-down lists can be opened with the ALT down arrow keys. You can then use the arrow keys to select an entry and finally confirm it with the ENTER key.

Project selection for large number of  projects Project selection for large number of projects

A project is usually selected using a drop-down list. As the number of projects increases, this selection can become cumbersome. In this case there is an optional selection with a search function. To turn on the optimized selection:

Settings (small cogwheel top right) -> "View" tab -> "Selection for large number of projects"

Email address for invoices Email address for invoices

We usually send the invoice by email to the admin and all application managers of your time tracking system. If you would like other email addresses, please contact the Support support. Your new email addresses for sending invoices will be gladly accepted there.

Pay via PayPal directly in the staff work time tracking Pay via PayPal directly in the staff work time tracking

You can conveniently pay with PayPal directly in the time tracking software. To do this, log in as admin or in the role of application manager:

Settings (small cogwheel top right) -> Goodtime Account -> "Invoices" tab -> "pay now" ...