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Public Holidays

Public Holidays

In the Public Holidays menu, public holidays and days off are managed for your online time sheet.

The public holiday calendar is effective for the entire online time sheet system. The holidays are highlighted in the timesheets. For users with a time model the public holiday calendar is considered for the calculation of the target hours. If the option also work on public holidays for a time model is turned on, the public holiday list will not be considered for this time model.

Create new public holiday

By the link Create new public holiday a new public holiday or day off is created. A day can be defined as off work all day long or, optionally, a reduced amount of working hours can be specified for a day.

View pubic holiday calendar for a given year

The public holiday calendar is displayed for one year. Simply select the desired year.

Import public holiday

Public holidays can be imported by a iCalendar-file. Therefore just click import public holidays.