Time Tracking Software - News

Update of the software environment

Goodtime uses the Jakarta EE (formerly Java EE) standard. This standard has now been updated and brought to the latest version. The associated update took place "behind the scenes" and did not change the features of the time tracking software.

Simplification of the year selection for the statistics

The selection of the year for the statistics has been simplified. The desired year is now selected in a drop-down field. Select year for time tracking statistics

New sub-tabs for the time tracking software

All sub-tabs have been standardized and redesigned: They are now displayed as vertical tabs and are larger than the old tabs. This makes them easier to use on mobile devices with touchscreen. Neues Design für Subregister

The navigation bar is now displayed in a more space-saving manner on mobile devices such as Android or iOS smartphones or tablets.

New layout for time sheet navigation

The layout of the navigation elements of the time sheet has been redesigned.

Support for older Internet Explorer versions

Support for older Internet Explorer versions is discontinued: The affected software versions are not provided with security updates by Microsoft any more and should be replaced by a current version or by Microsoft Edge.