Roles and Permissions for the Online Time Card

Regular user User Manager Timesheet Manager Project Manager Application Manager Admin
Create, edit, delete user yes yes
Edit user permissions yes yes
Time entries, time categories, working time models ...
Create, edit, delete own time entries adjustable adjustable yes adjustable adjustable yes
Create, edit, delete, export time entries of other users adjustable yes
Lock time entries own own yes own own yes
Unlock time entries yes yes
Create, edit, delete time categories yes yes
Manage working time models yes yes yes
Manage leave entitlement for all users yes yes yes
Manage public holidays yes yes yes yes
Create and manage projects yes yes
Export project data yes yes
Business ratio types
Create, edit, delete business ratio types yes yes yes
Inspect own time statistics yes yes yes yes yes yes
Inspect time statistics of all users yes yes yes
Inspect all projects statistics yes yes
Inspect all client statistics yes yes
Inspect statistics summary yes yes yes
Settings and invoice
Change settings of the online time card system yes yes
Receive invoice yes yes
Cancel the online time card system yes