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Online Time Registration - News

Projects for iCal import

When importing time data in the iCalendar format, now you can optionally specify a project. All time records of the import file are then assigned to the selected project. Import iCal Projects

The iCalendar format is used by Apple's Calendar (iCal) and Google Calendar.

Restrict access to IP or domain

Access to the online time registration could be restricted to a particular computer or network so far. Now several IPs or domains can be specified separated by a space: Under Settings in the tab Security. Admin and Application Managers are not affected by this limitation. Lock Month

Display statistics

For long-term users of the time tracking system, the displayed year selection list for the statistics is sometimes quite long. In order to keep the page well arranged, long lists are now shortened to the last ten years automatically. This affects all hour statistics, such as user statistics or project statistics. A click on the "..."-link will show the complete year list if needed.

Business Ratios

The efficient input of the business ratios has been improved: A new entry is now automatically applied, for example if another business ratio is created or if the associated time entry is stored. The "apply"-link is still available and works as usual.

With business values any numeric values (such as travel costs, number of kilometers or material costs) can be stored for a time entry. The respective business ratio types are freely configurable. Business ratios can be activated in the settings of the time registration: In the "View" tab - "Enable business ratios for timestamps".

Online help

The online help has been completed and updated. The time registration is structured in a clear and intuitive manner and can usually be operated ad hoc. However, if there are any obscurities, the Help provides a brief guide for the various functions of the online time registration. In the application, the context-sensitive help (small "lifebuoy") guides directly to the appropriate help topic.

The Support Support will be happy to help out if there is no solution found in the help.

Improved input validation

The input validation of the online time registration has been improved or completed in some areas. Now in the "administration" area the plausibility of the input is verified more often. In the time sheet invalid entries are marked more clearly.

Lock Month

Now a month can be locked (for example, at the end of each month by the user himself). The time entries of this month are then protected against changes.

This feature must first be enabled in the settings: In the settings (small gear top right) in the tab "General" tick the checkbox "Lockable time entries". Lock Month

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