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Help personal settings

Help personal settings

In the personal settings tab, settings are adjusted that apply to the currently logged in staff member only.

Time Registration Personal Settings

1 Language

The display language can be changed here for the logged-in user.

2 View time clock for me

The actual user can suppress the display of the time clock. Time entries can be created and changed then only in the time sheet by this user.
The stopwatch can be hidden for all users of the online time registration in the view tab of the settings.

3 Show hint for carry over from last month for me

In the time sheet an info dialog window for the carry over of the working time balance of the previous month is displayed every beginning of a new month. At this point the display of this info dialog can be switched off or switched on for the current user.
The display of the info message can also be enabled again if it was disabled by the Do not show again - check box in the dialog window directly.