Import working hours from an iCalendar file

Import working hours from a klog file

Comming soon! With the Goodtime time tracking software you will soon be able to import working times from a klog file. Klog is a minimalist time tracking via command line. This command line tool is an open source program that writes times to a simple text file. This is how you can import this text file into Goodtime time tracking:

Import klog file

The menu item Import klog file under Export is available for the Admin or timesheet manager roles. In addition, all emloyees who are allowed to change their working time entries themselves can also import their own time data.

Working hours klog import First select a klog file on your local disk using the Select File button. The Load File button reads and checks the contents of the klog file.

The following selection options are then displayed:

For user: If you are in the role of an admin or timesheet manager, you can select a colleague whose account you want to import the time data for. Otherwise, the time entries are always imported for your own account.

As time category: Select the time category as which the entries should be imported.

For project: Optionally, a project can be selected for the imported time entries. All time entries in the import file are assigned to the selected project. This option only appears if Enable projects is turned on in Settings.

Import comments: Descriptions, comments or summaries of the individual time entries can optionally be imported as comments. This option is only displayed if Enable comments for timestamps is switched on in the Settings.

From / To: The date range can then be restricted as desired - so that only the time entries within the specified time period are imported.

By clicking the Import X timestamps button, the data is finally transferred to the time tracking. Where 'X' indicates the number of time entries to be imported.

Details about klog

You can find more information about klog at