Timekeeping statistics

Timekeeping statistics

Goodtime offers comprehensive analyses and statistics on working hours and project time.

The different views of the statistics

Timekeeping statistic Depending on the permissions of the user and the individual settings of your timekeeping system various sub-tabs are displayed under the tab 'Statistics'. The statistics for the selected scope are displayed in this sub-registers - e.g. statistics for projects or clients. Unprivileged users can only view statistics of their own working hours. Manager roles have access to the statistics of the respective area. Thus a staff member with the role "project manager" can view the project statistics. For functions that are disabled in the settings (for example the selection of projects) no statistics are available accordingly.


Timekeeping statistics selection of period Under the sub-menu 'Summary' a brief statistically summary is displayed - such as the total working hours for the entire timekeeping or for a project or a user. The selection for the period looks the same for all sub-stats:
A list of all years and months is shown for which there is useful data for your timekeeping. When a year is selected, a tabular listing and a graphical analysis in the form of a line chart is shown. Accordingly with the selection of a month a chart of the monthly variation of the values ​​will be displayed. Currently selected annual and monthly periods are highlighted in color.

Year chart A chart of the total hours of work of the timekeeping over the period of a selected year.

Month chart When selecting a month, the value of each day of the selected month are presented graphically as a bar chart.

Statistics summary for a whole slew of data can be evaluated both as table and chart. An example of the summary of customer data is shown below:

clients summary table The tabular analysis of monthly statistics for a client:

Client statistics chart The same customer data for the selected month as a pie chart.

Project statistics

Timekeeping statistics project selection The 'Project statistics' is (like all other statistics sections too) constructed on the same pattern as the 'Summary': A period is selected by an annual and monthly list. In addition, a project for which the statistics are displayed is selected from a drop down list. Optionally the date can be filtered for a employee, so that only the portion of the employee of the total project is taken into account.

Project statistics business ratio Business ratios are also displayed in the project statistics if they are enabled in the settings and if business ratios have been registered for the specified period and the selected project. In all other views of the statistics (eg, the user or the summary statistics) the related business ratios totals are listed too.

Project statistics line chart For projects, various summary statistics can be queried too.

Client statistics

Customer statistics pie chart In the 'Client statistics' all relevant statistical data for a customer are evaluated. Annual or monthly effort for a customer is displayed. For example, the portion of a user or the portion of a project for a particular customer is shown.

User statistics

User statistics time category The 'User statistics' displays statistical data for the selected user such as the percentages for time types, projects or clients. The data are displayed as tables and also as charts.

User statistics projects