Leave Entitlement Management

Leave Entitlement Management

The leave entitlement management administers entitlement to holidays, taken leave, paid out vacation and remaining leave entitlement. Information about leave appear only for users for whom a leave entitlement is established.

Setting-up entitlement to holidays

The leave entitlement for an employee can be established in the Leave entitlement tab of the respective user. By the menu items Administration - User you can access to the user list. Select a staff member and go to the leave entitlement tab.

Click Create new leave entitlement and select the period of the leave entitlement:

Create new leave entitlement
  • As of (with open end): The leave entitlement begins with the beginning of the given year and is automatically renewed in January each year again.
  • For several years: The leave entitlement starts with the beginning of the specified From-year and ends with the end of the given To-year.
  • For one year: The entitlement to holidays applies to the specified year.

The Leave entitlement per year can be expressed in days or hours. This leave entitlement is taken into account every beginning of the year for the specified period.

Unused leave is taken as a carry into the next year. The carryover will no longer be continued if no leave entitlement is established for the following year.

Only those time categories are considered for the leave entitlement whose Leave-checkbox is checked (see Settings - Create a new time category). The input type ('by the hour' or 'by the day') of the leave-time-category must match the type of leave entitlement (days or hours), so that the time entry can be taken into account for the leave entitlement. If an employee uses, for example, a leave-time-category with the input type 'by the hour' for a period for which he has an entitlement to holiday in days, the time entry is ignored for the calculation of leave and, for example, a corresponding warning in the total leave section of the time sheet is shown.

Tip: If you use only one of the two vacation entitlement types (days or hours) in your web-based time sheet, we recommend to delete the unused vacation time category or set its status to close - to eliminate erroneous input in the first place.

The taken leave, remaining leave, etc. is shown for example in the month view of the time sheet.

Paid out leave

New paid out leave

Select New paid out leave to record the paid out leave for an employee. Enter the month and year of payment and the number of days or hours that were paid out. A prerequisite for such a vacation pay out is that there is also a corresponding entitlement to holidays for the specified period.

The paid out leave is shown for example in the month view of the time sheet.