More features for web-based time tracking

More features for web-based time tracking

Attendance list

The optional attendance list shows the current status of all employees.

attendance list - web-based time tracking

Public holiday calendar

The public holiday calendar manages the working hours on public holidays. The practical iCal import automatically imports the public holiday data for your province.

Lockable time entries

Time entries can be locked on a monthly basis. Unwanted changes are thus prevented.

locked time entries

Flexible user permissions

A simple and well thought-out authorization system ensures that you always have full control over your web-based time tracking system.

Restrict access to the timekeeping software

Access to the application can be restricted to specific locations (IP addresses or domains).

API's for software developers

Software developers can connect to the web-based time tracking software via web service or REST API.

web-based time tracking - API's for software developers

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